Ensure automation & validation
of complex business processes.

Enable faster time-to-market for your enterprise apps with a scalable Test Automation Framework

Utilize our Scriptless Test Automation Framework to achieve

50% reduction in overall release cycle time

32% reduction in overall testing costs

Our key clients in Test Automation Services include

Holland America Line
Trader Joes


Critical Capabilities for Application Testing Services, Worldwide

26 November 2019 ID: G00379972

“Cigniti has created test automation accelerators for desktop, web, mobile and enterprise applications. It has testing expertise mainly in enterprise application platforms. It uses cloud-enabled test labs, certified testing and engineering specialists, test COEs, and continuous integration, enabling an enterprise automation framework to deliver testing services.”


Continuous Testing Service Providers

By Diego Lo Giudice July 27, 2017

“The vendor also has solid client programs, methods, and frameworks for Continuous Testing (CT) transformation consulting. It provides a breadth of CT practices and services with points of excellence in test execution automation, test environment provisioning, and testing in production.”

Overcome your Test Automation challenges

Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework (TAF) is a tried-and-true IP-driven, tool-agnostic, platform-independent testing solution for automating and validating complex business processes in a variety of sectors. TAF also works with a number of popular commercial and open source test tools.

TAF components assess, refactor, and augment your existing automation testing frameworks & test suites and help you overcome the:

  • Inability to choose the best suited test automation tools.
  • Lack of pre-built automated test suites and a team of scripting experts.
  • Migration challenges while modernizing legacy automation scripts.
  • Lack of expertise in automating regression tests.

Stay ahead with AI-powered automation

Intelligent No-Scripting Test Automation (iNSta)

iNSta enables enterprises to build production-grade test automation suites without scripting expertise. It leverages AI to provide an adaptive framework that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with the application under test. iNSta streamlines reusable test asset development and integrates with the latest CI/CD tools and cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support continuous testing. Know more


Velocita is a Test Automation Accelerator for desktop, web, mobile, COTS, ERP, and digital applications. It delivers automation, web services and performance test accelerators for mobile, web and desktop applications. In addition, Velocita delivers automation scripts, workflow processes, product accelerators, industry accelerators, digital accelerators such as cross-browser test accelerator, and a host of pre-built automated test suites for Guidewire, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, SAP Hybris, MS Dynamics CRM, & Work day. Utilize Cigniti’s Intelligent Test Case Management Strategy that provides AI & ML algorithms for Test suite optimization. Know more

Leverage Our Partnerships

We partner with industry leading automation tool vendors & provide end-to-end test automation support for Selenium, Mobile, API testing, Change Impact Testing, RPA, & SAP.

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Explore our intelligent scriptless test automation platform, that provides test management integration with Sauce Labs, Browser Stack, Docker, & Cloud.

Why Leverage Our Software Test Automation Services?

Test Automation Center of Excellence

Test Automation Center of Excellence

Our test automation solutions support your business objectives by designing an automation strategy aligned with enterprise goals.

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Agile Test Automation Methodology

Test Automation Methodology

Our proprietary test techniques help identify automatable manual tests and are well-accustomed to Agile and DevOps environments, ensuring better ROI during the entire software development lifecycle.

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Test Automation Framework

Test Automation Framework

Our test automation engineers have developed a framework that offers value by supporting extensibility, service virtualization, portability, forward integration, and just-in-time reporting, resulting in cost savings of more than 50% in automation solution, design, execution, and maintenance.

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