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Web Penetration Testing Services for Multi-Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Company.

Web Penetration Testing Services for Multi-Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Company.

The highly-sensitive environment of the pharma industry necessitates implementation of a cybersecurity strategy. A multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company wanted to obtain vulnerability assessment of its applications and derive value from the Information Security metrics.

Know how Cigniti helped them improve the end-user confidence and ensured compliance with the industry security standards.

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Cigniti’s Security Testing Offerings

Cigniti’s unique Managed Security Testing Services model combines the deep understanding of industry best practices and decade-long expertise in software testing services delivery. We ensure your applications are secure, scalable, and agile.

Every software update/release throws open areas of vulnerability. We assist businesses ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and fixed, much before clients of our businesses get to experience a glitch. We have worked with leading large and small businesses and enterprises and helped them build a safe and secure software for their users.

Our Security testing services address mission-critical security challenges faced by enterprises. To know more about the specific nature of the security testing services we provide, browse the categories below.

Our Partnerships

We are powered by the strong strategic partnerships with leading test tool vendors to deliver strategic value to our customers. Our test professionals have profound expertise in handling various commercial security testing tools as well as open-source security testing tools. In addition to partnerships with SOASTA, JarLoad, NeoTys, TestPlant, Ranorex, & more, we also are HP Service Provider (SPP) Partners.

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Security Testing & Penetration Testing Services

Security testing has become a boardroom agenda, thanks to the alarming increase in the number of privacy breaches that enterprises face on a regular basis, leading to a tremendous negative impact on the brand name and client retention.

Cigniti’s Security Testing and web application penetration testing uncovers vulnerabilities in applications, ensures your application risks are minimized, and benchmarks your software code for increased quality assurance. Our Security Testing services across different industry verticals & enterprises ensure their cyber-safety, leading to robust brand image & client retention. A few differentiators of our dynamic application security testing services are:

  • Recognized by Fortune 500 companies for helping secure their products
  • Co-located testing professionals (Career Testers) & access to large software testing pool
  • Proprietary IP-led testing services & platform – BlueSwan
  • Security testing CoE
  • Certified ethical hackers, Hacker Eye View, structured testing methodologies, & zero-day vulnerabilities check
  • Web application security testing, mobile app security testing, regulatory & compliance, & static code analysis
  • Expertise in intrusive tests (DoS, DDoS, etc.)

Security Testing Center of Excellence

Cigniti has a dedicated Security Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) with methodologies, processes, templates, checklists, and guidelines for web application security testing, software penetration testing, network security testing, and cloud-based security testing.

Cigniti’s Security TCoE consists of dedicated teams of security testing specialists with deep expertise spanning multiple industries, cutting-edge technological resources, and tools. Our Security TCoE consists of over 100 security testing professionals who hold certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified Security Analyst (CSA). Our specialists offer end-to-end penetration testing services for networks, SCADA network vulnerability assessment, web applications, wireless network assessment, and more.

Based on the proactive vulnerability assessments conducted for sites like PayPal, the CoE has built up a repository of security test cases/checklists and developed capabilities using open source and proprietary security testing tools. Also, our ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified processes help ensure we deliver world-class security testing services for our clients to help them stay compliant with the rigors of compliance-driven businesses.

Security Testing Tools

Security Testing Dashboard

Cigniti’s Security Testing Dashboard consists of a comprehensive report, outlining the vulnerabilities discovered during the cycle along with additional information such as screenshots and reproduction steps to facilitate ease of understanding. The vulnerabilities detected are scored with respect to industry standard CVSS 3.0 framework.

This comprehensive report contains an executive summary report for top management and technical committee to showcase the security posture of application along with the detailed vulnerability report that includes vulnerability details & possible recommendations aimed towards mitigation.


The Security Assessment report of applications is divided into different sections to facilitate easy readability. Reports begin with an executive tear-off to facilitate easy reference of assessment findings for executive management and have an executive summary providing a summarized view of the overall security posture of the application assessed. Customers can figure out overall security posture based on the test results. This section also lists count of vulnerabilities by their score and severity.

Security Testing Types & Techniques

Over the last few years, Cigniti has built up a repository of hundreds of security test cases and developed capabilities using both open source and proprietary security testing tools.

Security Testing Techniques: We implement best-of-breed techniques to check for SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (including the top ten OWASP), and zero-day vulnerabilities along with vulnerabilities discovered by our R&D team through CoE. Our methodology consists of test techniques that are manually executed, for example, domain/business logic-driven tests which are then translated into manually-crafted payload to assess the vulnerabilities and showcase steps that can exploit any weakness in the Information/Network system.

Testlets for various types of Security Testing: Cigniti has collated Test-lets based on various security test types that are employed for Security testing. The tests include testing for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Broken Authentication and Session Management, Unsecure Direct Object Reference, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Security Misconfiguration, Unsecure Cryptographic Usage, Failure to Restrict URL Access, Insufficient Transport Layer Protection, and Invalidated Redirects and Forwards.

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